About This Site

The story of Weight Loss For Us started a few years ago. Each night, my husband Joe, who has always struggled with his weight a bit, would tell me how he could not stop himself from having that one extra beer or the extra bag of chips earlier that day.

I tried to be as understanding as possible, but at the same time also be helpful. However, it seemed that nothing I ever said (or did) helped. Then late one night, when I seem to get most of my great ideas, it struck me that perhaps I am partially to blame for the situation? Maybe Joe needed someone other than me to interact with to start finally losing weight.

That lead to me thinking about everyone else I know that is unsuccessfully trying to lose weight (and there are surprisingly many people on that list). I realized that they too have supporting families and friends trying to help them out, much like I was trying to help out Joe.

That was the key. Those close to and involved in the lives of anyone who is trying to lose weight is likely himself or herself invested, and may even have a subconscious desire to keep their loved one or friend overweight.

To reiterate, I never believed that this is not something that they do consciously.

The answer was pretty clear. Joe needed to get someone that wasn’t me or anyone else who was part of his immediate setting as a weight loss buddy. That is how this site was born. Its intent is to both, connect you with other individuals going through the same weight loss struggles, and provide guidance to ensure your success.

Joe, by the way, has shed those extra pounds he has struggled with for so many years and is now happily (and successfully) keeping that weight off.

Here is to your own success,