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Are You Using A Mirror?

I was reading up on some types of exercise the other day, ways of , and something I found puzzled me. Some people don’t like working out in front of a mirror.

They gave the reasons as, I see my fat jiggling as I run in place, or I just don’t look like what I want to look like.

I guess it could all depend on your level of exercise and how much burning fat you need to do. If you only have a few pounds to lose, then looking at yourself as you work out in the mirror can help assure you that you are moving properly. Most weight rooms I have gone into are always lined with mirrored walls. I always thought it was a good thing.

I personally love watching myself in the mirror. My son put this chunk of mirror in our workout area so that he can make sure he is lifting his weights properly. Me, I do my dance workout with weights in front of it. I turn on my IPod that he has put some of my favorite songs on and start dancing.

Maybe what you wear can make a difference in watching yourself too. If I put on tight clothing, I may not like what I see as much. My favorite workout outfit to burn fat in is a long T-shirt over loose jeans or shorts. That way I see not one piece of blubber. All I see is me making interesting moves. While watching myself, I am also entertaining myself.

A mirror can be helpful when you are working out, but if it discourages you because you are wanting to see what you are burning fat to achieve, then maybe wait a while before attempting to use one.

I also noted that most dance studios are lined with mirrors. That enables the dancers to see how their moves match up with other dancers moves.

Once you get over the fact you aren’t seeing what you want to see, you may find the mirrors to be a very useful item in your workout room.

If the mirrors make you feel down, fat, and maybe put you out of the mood for burning fat, then cover them up or get rid of them. We don’t want any negative feelings about the workout area. Negative feeling would keep you from gaining a big interest in working out.

Dancing is a great way to burn fat. It is my favorite exercise to do. There are many dance workout videos available in the video area of most electronic stores. This could help you get your moves working better so that if you do see yourself, maybe you will like what you see. Then you can try uncovering the mirrors and maybe see a thinner you or a more balanced you.

Whatever your workout choice is for burning fat, do it regular and pick something you enjoy. It can be as simple as taking a daily walk. You don’t need a workout room, or weights to burn fat, just be active in some way.

We are off to a fresh start for the New Year. Have a good one.

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The Burning Fat Diet Roller Coaster

This time of year seems like a roller coaster ride for dieters. When getting on the scale it just seems to go up and down. More up than down.

It’s the holidays, the parties, the dinners, and the fun times all add to weight gain. I have personally already seen a couple of pounds more reading out on the scale. I need to keep control of my body burning fat.

This time of year it is too easy to say, “oh well, I’ll just wait until after the holidays to work on burning fat. I don’t want to miss out on the parties and the good holiday food.”

I really don’t want to fall into that trap. I have worked too hard to allow myself to regain those extra pounds. When I see pictures of myself a couple of years ago, I see how fat I looked. Every January, I would be back on a strict diet. I am tired of the roller coaster dieting.

Last January, I had to get my drivers license renewed. It felt good to tell them I weigh less than the previous drivers license showed. By June, I actually weighed 8 pounds less than the weight on my new license. I was extremely happy.

The holidays are rough for dieters but if you go into them prepared, you can go to the parties, eat the dinners and enjoy yourself without gaining weight.

Some things you can do to help you eat less at the dinner party or eat less junk at the office party is to try and be sure to eat something filling before you go. If you are having an office party during work, make sure you get up early enough to eat a good breakfast so you aren’t hungry. Then it will be a lot easier to just pick and choose what you want to eat. It won’t be hunger pains making you fill up your plate.

When going to a dinner party, eating something light before you go, and then eating a small salad as your first serving can help you not over eat the meal. Even a bowl of soup can help you curb your appetite.

Another thing I have started to do to help burn off fat is dancing with a 5 pound hand weight in each hand. You do have to be careful not to do any jerking movements with the weights, that could tear a muscle or tendon. We are not looking to get injured. With the fast moves, I either put the weights down or stay very cautious of my movements. Doing waistline spins from side to side holding the weights up close to my upper torso or side stretches where you reach down with one weight on one side pretending to pick up a suitcase. This is great for those love handles. I do this exercise time for about 20 minutes a day. It is fun and I do it in the afternoon when I typically feel tired. The dancing gets me awake and ready to do things again.

This is some of the stuff I do to help burn fat. We all need to find something that we enjoy doing that will burn fat. I love dancing so it works out great for me. I also love lifting weights. I have my own set of barbels I also lift daily. If you find something fun to do, you will look forward to doing it. Walking is great too but right now, it’s snowing and cold outside.

Come New Years, I really don’t want to say, “I resolve to lose weight.” I am determined not to do that. Maybe my new resolution will be, “I am done with roller coaster dieting.”

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Foods I Should Keep Out of My House

If I lived alone, that would be easy. Happily I don’t live alone. I have a husband and my youngest son, he’s 24, that live with me. I cannot limit them on the foods they want simply because a certain food is making me fat.

Is it only one food or is it a group of foods that you seem to be able to avoid for awhile, but then all the sudden you eat every bite there is of it in the house.

My single food that I rarely buy because I will do that is corn chips. When I do buy them, I buy a large bag and it may take me 3 days to eat every last one. I will even hide the bag so no one else can find them. My other foods that I love cheating with are potato chips and . I won’t eat every last bite in my house of those two items but I will cheat.

I try to limit myself to only cheating on the weekend but lately, I have been adding chips to my lunch again. So far, I have been lucky. I even loss some more weight and I am not sure how. I have to keep focused on getting through the holidays without gaining weight. So far so good. I had gained a few pounds but have now taken them off.

Many say don’t weigh yourself everyday. I say you should. If I only weighed once a week, then I would have no idea of how I am doing and if I need to work a little harder or take that cheat day I skipped.

When you have a food in your house that you have a hard time turning down, try keeping it out of sight first. If that doesn’t work, then write your menu for the day the night before and stick to it. When things have really gotten bad for me and I definitely should not be eating a certain food, I just throw it away. Or give it to my grand-kids to eat. It’s not wasteful throwing it away since me eating it isn’t really any different. It would all go to my waist and buttocks so why not just throw it away.

If you really have an urge for the corn chips or a certain type of chips, just buy one small bag. Then you can eat them and finish every last crumb. You will continue to feel good about yourself as you were very disciplined in what you did.

So what is the food that just drives you crazy and you have to have it?

How are you going to avoid over eating it?

If you must buy it, have a plan.

The holidays are here and we are going to be eating lots of corn chips, potato chips, ice cream, donuts, cake and pies. Be prepared, and you will get through the holidays. When arrives, you won’t need to say. “I resolve to lose weight this year”. You will already be there and everyone will know it when they see how stunning you look in your outfit or suit.

That is my goal.

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Burning Fat Is Not Easy

The other night we had Halloween at our house. If you don’t know what Halloween is, it’s a night that the children all dress up in costumes and go from door to door with bags that we drop pieces of candy into. Sometimes as the evening goes, I have seen a child’s bag so full they can barely carry it. It’s a fun night, many people make their house look spooky, but do the children really need all that candy? I wonder how long it takes a lot of them to eat up all their favorite candy bars and chew the gum. When mine were young, I would allow them to choose 10 things out of their bag that they wanted. The rest went into a family basket. They were to chose one item when allowed from their choices. It usually took them a week to eat up their candy. The candy in the family basket was offered to visitors, babysitting children and of course we ate from it too. After the week past, I would take out what I felt they still would want and put it away for their Christmas stockings. The rest I threw out.

We really have a lot of reasons we gain weight and it is hard to burn fat. If these children are already over weight, trick or treat night is not going to be good for them. The only good thing is sugar calories do tend to burn faster than fat calories. So the sugar candy is better than the fat laden candy bars. The bad thing is, we really like the candy bars.

Our next holiday that causes us grief with being able to burn fat is Thanksgiving. Can you really pass up the turkey with all the trimmings? We really want the stuffing, sweet potatoes or yams, the dinner rolls, vegetables, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pies and chocolate pies. At our house, we also have purple pickled eggs. It only happens once a year so why not eat?

While enjoying your Thanksgiving dinner, you can use your splurge day and be okay. If you are the one hosting the Thanksgiving dinner, then you may have a problem with the left overs. Many have tried to figure out ways to use up that left over turkey. It seems we are eating turkey and the other leftovers for the next week. That could be a problem with . After a splurge day, you have to get back on your diet to burn fat or you are only going to gain weight. Where ever I eat my Thanksgiving meal, I plan on eating a salad first so I am not so hungry once I start on the meal. Then as I have said in the past, portion control is important. I know I may gain a little weight for the day, but come Friday, I will be busy decorating for Christmas, and burning fat while I do.

Burning fat is not easy when you have so many holidays and good food to eat. Maybe my husband has the best idea. He wants to just go out for Thanksgiving this year. No left overs, less to eat, and less fat to burn. I may decide to go along with the idea.

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Burn Fat Slowly

As I have said many times, don’t plan on burning off that fat fast. too fast will only mess up your metabolism. Your body will sense a large cut back on calories and start hoarding them instead of letting them burn off causing you to possibly gain even more weight. To prevent your body from going into the starvation mode, slowly cut back on calories a little each week.

If your body is use to a 3000 or so calorie intake a day, cutting it to 1500 a day would be a shock. You may burn fat but maybe for only the first couple of weeks. Then you are back to being unable to shed any more pounds without cutting even more calories from your diet. If you are only at this time eating 1500 calories a day, you aren’t eating much. Cutting more calories from your diet is really going to deprive you of eating much of anything.

As we all know, we want what we want and sometimes don’t care what the cost is. So you decide to cut another 300 calories a day off your daily intake. Now you are at 1200 calories a day. You also may be able to jump start losing weight again by doing the short starvation diet I have mentioned before. With this diet you go 16 hours after you last eat before you can eat again. You may have to add some good workouts or a fast paced walk to your daily routine too. For all this starving and sweat, you may start to burn fat a bit again, but it also stalls after a few weeks.

Unless you only wanted to burn fat off just a little, you are again stuck with the scale reading the same weight again and it’s too much. Your metabolism has slowed down. You will be lucky to burn fat at this point as your body is fighting against you. Your body is trying to survive what it sees as a famine. You also lack energy. Food is what gives you energy to do those workouts and other things you need to do around the house. Now it seems you just feel sluggish and tired all the time.

All of this is why I preach slowly. Don’t risk your metabolism slowing down. You want that energy because energy burns fat. If you want to count calories, cut back on some of your high calorie foods or carbohydrates. Don’t cut any food group out of your diet. Our bodies need something from all food groups to balance our diet and stay healthy.

A big thing is, don’t wait until you are starved to eat. An example of waiting too long is what I just did. I was so hungry, I ate a hot dog on a bun and potato chips instead of mixing up some of my tuna I love or making a salad for lunch. Potato chips are a rare item for me to indulge in. Waiting until you are really hungry makes you pick quick food choices, grab snacks or just simply over eat. A good thing to do is make your tuna or salad early when you are not hungry so that once you are, it’s there and ready. Same thing for eating grapefruit or other fruits you need to prepare. If they are cut up and ready to eat, you will grab them when hungry instead of a high calorie cookie.

The point is, plan on burning fat off slowly. It may take longer, but it will also stay off better too. Don’t risk lowering your metabolism by trying to burn fat off to quick. It’s also good to add some cardio to your routine such as a brisk walk. It may take longer to burn off the fat but it will also stay off longer.

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Fat Burning Foods That Work

Increase your metabolism with foods that will burn fat.

Eating oatmeal for breakfast is a good fat burning food that will also raise your metabolism. It fills you up and is easy to make. Don’t chose the instant flavored oatmeal. Instant flavored oatmeal has added sugar in it, sometimes as much as 13 grams. Choosing either plain instant or better yet a canister of oatmeal that you can fix quickly in your microwave in only a few minutes is a better choice. To sweeten the oatmeal use stevia a sugar replacement or honey.

Another good fat burning food is brown rice. Instead of using the typical white rice in recipes that call for rice, switch to brown. It is considered one of the healthiest foods, very little has been done to the rice to destroy the nutritional value it gives plus the vitamins B3, B1, and B6. Along with being healthy, it will help you burn fat.

When choosing foods to eat, we don’t always think about how many calories our body uses to digest the food.

Lets look at a piece of cake and a chicken breast. Both contain about 1000 calories. You will use up about 30 of those calories when you eat that piece of cake leaving you with 970 more to burn. Now the chicken breast takes a lot more work to chew and swallow. You sit longer at the table with a chicken breast than you would a piece of cake. While eating that chicken breast, you will use up possibly 200 of the 1000 calories leaving you with only 800 more to burn. If you don’t burn off the extra calories, they will turn to fat. If you fry that chicken breast, you may then be better off with a lean piece of beef from a cow that has been allowed to graze in the meadows. Foods you choose from the protein group of the pyramid are harder to digest than most of the other food groups and you may use as many as 30% of the calories up just digesting the protein. Do beware of corn fed animals where they are kept in pens or cages most of their lives, their meat consist of more fat than the meadow raised animals. Eating organic is much healthier.

Don’t eliminate your dairy products from your diet. Low fat dairy products are very valuable. They give us the much needed vitamin D and our daily calcium we need. Both help us build bones and muscle. Eating low fat yogurt, cheese and drinking 2% milk are good healthy choices. Again., organic or meadow raised animals produce healthier dairy products. Dairy products do help you burn fat. The calcium in the milk or yogurt can even help you burn off belly fat.

If you can handle them, hot peppers are a great fat burning food. When you eat a hot pepper it is sort of like having a hot flash, your whole body heats up. Your metabolism rises and you start burning fat.

A great food for burning fat and it takes a lot of calories to burn it once you eat it is celery. Celery isn’t something I choose to eat but I thought I would mention it. Adding some peanut butter to a stalk of celery can be good too.

I hope this gives you some ideas of different food choices. The best thing is, you don’t have to eat like a rabbit to lose weight.

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Dieting While Others Are Partying

This is the season of parties for our family. My oldest daughter and her husband always throw big parties for their children as they grow a year older. We just added another birthday to the season. On October 4th, our daughter gave birth to a little boy. His birth actually prevented the birthday celebration of her oldest daughter from happening. Zachary was actually almost a month early. I foresee Hannah’s birthday never being quite the same again. Her birthday is on the 6th.

With all these parties comes pizza, cake and ice cream along with all the snacks. It’s really hard not to snack on all those goodies, especially when we are all sitting together in the family room. Watching others eat what I love to eat too is difficult.

We would have been having cake and vanilla pudding tonight for my 24 year old sons birthday, but he chose not to have it. I think I will instead make up some pudding parfaits just so we don’t totally not celebrate. The parfaits will be made with low fat milk so they aren’t all that bad. The whip topping isn’t a low fat one. I found the low fat foods actually add high fructose corn syrup which is terrible for us to consume. While no sweeteners are absolutely great for us, I would rather use real sugar and suffer less side effects than the substitutes.

I have also found that I am happy with just a small serving of dessert. I use to take the larger servings and was taught to always clean off my plate. Then even though I had eaten enough of the item, I still finished the serving to not waste. So much for burning fat. It did not happen.

Now Hannah’s party will be this next Saturday. Needless to say, only being 8 years of age, missing her special party of the year did not go over very well. Since I know that I am going to want to eat the pizza, chips, dip, ice cream and cake on Saturday, I have decided to take it easy on eating much that will not burn fat this week.

Right now as I am writing this blog article, I am eating a tuna fish sandwich with tomato and lettuce on it. I mixed my tuna with mayonnaise, which I am sorry to say I read it has high fructose corn syrup in it and it’s not even the light type. I use wheat bread, which now isn’t suppose to be all that great either, but better than crackers or potato chips. Without the bread, I would have eaten either the chips or crackers. Hopefully the tomato and the lettuce help balance out some of the bad in the sandwich. No matter what, I just ate some omega 3 which is good for my bones, my eyes, my heart and my brain. It was a good choice.

At night, I eat dinner and later my low fat yogurt. Low fat milk products generally aren’t loaded with sugar to make it taste better but I am not reading the label. My husband picks out our yogurt.

If I do good all week, then I can have my splurge day on Saturday. That sounds like a good fat burning plan to me. I will burn fat all day Sunday after enjoying a great day of not worrying about my diet on Saturday. I may even get some exercise to burn fat Saturday by jumping on their trampoline.

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Dieting When Sick

I was sick last week. When sick, you wonder if you should stick to your burning fat diet or if you should allow yourself to eat what you want.

Dieting while sick can be difficult to do. Your taste buds don’t seem to like anything but you want something. I know when I am sick, sometimes I only want sweet cola to drink. I typically hate colas. For some reason when I don’t feel good, cola makes me feel a bit better.

Then I also give in and eat . It always seems to hit the spot. I am not talking about heaping bowls of ice cream. My family makes fun of me because when I do eat ice cream, I usually eat about a 1/2 cup of it at a time. My son says that is just one bite for him.

Also, I do enjoy my chicken noodle soup. That is the best food to eat when sick. I know it’s full of sodium but it really makes me feel good. I also like to fill it up with crackers.

These are foods and drinks that are not typically on my diet. If I eat them at all, the servings are always small.

When you aren’t feeling well, you do need to eat. I am sure you aren’t really going to eat so much that you quit burning fat. You do need to get well, and not eating isn’t going to help you get better. It will only make you weak.

I know when I am sick a salad just will not work. Any other time salads are a big food I eat often. I really enjoy them. When sick, it’s the last thing I want.

When you aren’t feeling well, don’t feel guilty because you start eating foods that don’t fall on your everyday diet. You need to worry more about getting enough rest and making sure you eat, not what you eat.

After you feel better, then it’s time to get back on your diet routine. Even then it may be a slow start but do remember your goals.

We are in this to burn fat not make ourselves sick in the process. That is why I like the long term weight loss plan. Too many people make themselves sick trying to burn fat.

Always remember your health above all you do. Eating the right foods will help you fight off sickness and maybe keep you healthier. Adapting to a new lifestyle is better than just changing your habits for short term weight loss. Most of the time short term weight loss involves a type of starvation. If you starve your body, you will end up sick.

I am feeling better now and I am getting back to burning fat. It is actually nice to get back to where I can eat all the foods I love to eat, but watch my portions. I can also have my splurge day so I can eat my ice cream and potato chips but then eat right again the next day. I am back on track to burning fat.

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Mid Week Diet Willpower

It’s Wednesday or many people call the hump day. Come tomorrow we are closing in on the weekend. If you are like most of us, our weekends are very different from our weekdays. I for one do not actually diet on the weekend. I have talked many times about doing a splurge day. How if you over eat one day, then diet the next how your metabolism will be higher the day after a splurge burning more fat the entire day. I have chosen to use my splurge day on the weekend. Most of the time I use it on Saturday. We typically do our grocery shopping and eat out on Saturday. That makes it a perfect day to splurge.

Sometimes it’s hard to stay on a diet to burn fat all week. That is why when Wednesday comes around, it gets a little exciting. I have made it through 3 complete days of and only have 3 more to go. Having a splurge day really makes it easier for me to get through those days when I really want something. I always tell myself, just wait, when Saturday gets here you can eat anything you want.

The funny thing about my splurge day is, I really don’t splurge. You go ahead and splurge and enjoy it, but I have retrained my thinking so much as to how I should eat that I don’t over do it even on my splurge day. I will usually have a snack while we watch a movie, treat myself a bit with some popcorn or apple pie and . I may even eat some corn chips and dip. Once Saturday gets here, and I know I can eat anything I want, I don’t really want it. The big thing is on Saturday and lots of times on Sunday too, I don’t tell myself I cannot have it.

Even though my splurge day isn’t a big splurge, it helps me get through the days when I am not splurging. Just having a day that you can eat that ice cream, chips, cake, or other treats helps you get through the other days you are dieting.

Without a splurge day, you would feel very deprived. Never allowed to eat something off your diet. The bad thing about that is, you tend to simply sneak the foods you are not allowed and maybe more often than you would if you allowed yourself a splurge day. Plus, you may not splurge enough to raise your metabolism the next day letting all that fat and calories you ate just turn to fat.

If you pick out the weekend as your time to splurge, then today is your hump day and you are half way there. If you work a schedule that doesn’t give you weekends off, then you may arrange your off day to be your splurge day. Then your hump day would fall on a different day.

It doesn’t matter when you schedule your splurge day, it’s only important that you do. Give yourself goals and a time for treats too. You may find this time you will stay on your diet to burn fat and it does.

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How To Love Burning Fat

I remember the days when I was younger and I would diet. Well, I was really starving my body. This means I was actually killing myself. Of course, I didn’t die.I did , but it never seemed to stay off. I would lose it in as short of time as 2 weeks. For a short time, I would proudly wear shirts and pants that showed off my slender legs and flat stomach. Then it seemed like as soon as winter started up again and my activity slowed down, the weight was back. It was also the holiday time. It’s really hard to go to a holiday celebration and not eat all that good stuff. I never did get rid of my clothes that were too big, I knew I would be wearing them again and dieting again. That is why I know the true meaning of the words to diet are to die.

I wish I had started writing this blog way back then, but at the time I worked a 40 hour week job and the internet barely existed in my life. Today, I am a homemaker and a grandmother. Now I research and learn a lot from online sites and from my own experience. You can actually love to burn fat.

How is that possible? Burning fat means all the foods you love to eat are removed from your diet, right?

To tell you the truth, I just ate a chocolate fudge bar while writing this article. I have lost 20 pounds over the last year and a half. Maybe if I didn’t eat that fudge bar and other things of it’s category I would have lost more, but then maybe not.

The thing I have learned over the time I have been writing these articles is portion control. Fudge bars aren’t all that bad for you unless they contain high fructose corn syrup. That is the hidden ingredient in so many of the foods you eat daily that is bad for you. If the only thing I eat all day that contains the high fructose corn syrup is that one fudge bar, then I am still doing good. I will still burn fat and lose weight. What so many people do is, not stop with just one. My husband will eat 3 or 4 at a time because they are so small. One is enough.

Portion control comes in with your dinner plate to. If you want to burn fat, then don’t over fill your plate with carbohydrates. Bread and potatoes are great, but they do not help you lose weight. Do not stop eating them. There is value in carbohydrates, they give you energy. Just do not over do them. Then your meat portion should be about the size of a deck of playing cards. It sounds small but it’s not all that bad. Fruits contain a natural sugar so take it easy on them but we do need to eat some daily. Vegetables are you big fill me up item. It’s best if you steam fresh ones, but frozen ones are good too. If eating butter covered or cheese covered ones, they aren’t as free and again watch the size portion that is on the box.

I say burning fat can be fun because I am not disliking my diet. I get on the scale every day. Some days I weigh a pound more, but that is normal. Many days I weigh a little less and that is great. In fact, it’s fun to read the scale as it drops. Never let the scale going up even a few pounds make you jump on your diet harder. It does happen from time to time. Just be sure to continue your portion control and not to overly splurge but do splurge a little.

Burning fat can be fun. Try it my way and see what you think.

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